Monday, August 31, 2009


Gotti is Aidan's doggie brother...he is the sweetest AmStaff mix in the whole world and he is in some trouble. We are worried that he may have eaten another one of Aidan's bibs. We have already found several in the backyard-if you know what I mean. We try extra hard to keep everything baby out of his reach because he loves to eat that stuff for some reason. We are not certain about what he has eaten, just almost certain that he has....says the vet during our visit today...he sees some sort of obstruction in his we try to keep him comfy tonight and he goes back in the morning for some tests to figure things out. I feel so horrible for him, like Aidan, he can't tell us where it hurts or what he needs...some people say that when you have a child you pets become just that, pets...nothing more...that didn't happen with our dogs at all..we love them just the same as before Aidan was here...and she will love them too...she already love the feeling of the soft fur and the fuzzy snouts and whiskers...they make her giggle...everyone just keep Mr. Gotti in your thoughts.

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