Wednesday, July 29, 2009


not a fail!!! Didn't exactly start out as a success either, but not a fail! The first time we tried cereal I tried to feed her holding her on my lap like when I bottle feed her. It worked, but I found it much easier after a friend suggested I try feeding her while she is sitting in the bouncy. Sooooo much really helped being face to face with her. She is not quite ready to sit up in a high chair, but we are getting there. She is still having some tongue thrust issues...and we are only doing the cereal at night to help her practice, but I can foresee her moving to some veggies in the next few weeks. She really enjoys eating and will grab your hand and pull it towards her. She is eating rice cereal right now, but her favorite is definitely eating daddy's vanilla soft serve ice cream. Can't say I blame her. Time is flying...she is rolling back and forth, wanting to try sitting all of the time and playing in her big girl...time is flying. In a few weeks she will have her first professional photo shoot at Picture People. I hope it goes well because I have heard mixed reviews. She is also being baptized...there should be tons to update about in the coming weeks.
Note: Yes, we use Christmas bibs when we are home...we have a ton from my sister-in-laws kids.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I think Aidan has finally found her feet... I never thought something so random would have so much meaning to me. I was changing her diaper and she just tried to grab her cute...but made changing the diaper much harder...I am now onto the White Cloud diapers from my diaper cake. I don't care for them as much as Pampers or Huggies - they aren't as soft and pliable, but they are less expensive and she doesn't have any problems with them...we'll see what I buy when I run out of the diapers from my shower cake. Anyway...I kindof got off topic for a minute...when we went upstairs to play under her gym she was going crazy batting the toys with her cute. She changes so much everyday. I don't want to miss a thing...geez, I sound like an Aerosmith song. I am downloading some of her forth of July pics and 5 month photos... I did try to get some of her playing with her feet...if there is a good one, I will supplement this post with a cute pic of my daughter.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Almost 5 months!

Where has the time gone? Aidan will be five months on Saturday...she has changed so much...she smiles and has a little personality...she laughed the other I crazy? because it made me cry...I started laughing with her and then cried. It is such a miracle to me that she even exists...she is so incredible. Every day brings something new and exciting for her...and for us. I am so blessed to have her in my life and would stay in that hospital room a million days just to hear her laugh. Right now she is passed out on daddy's lap as he is watching Deadliest Catch. She is freshly bathed and comfy cozy in her jammy's. So sweet and so innocent. I am full from my dinner with friends on our new patio that my husband slaved over for the past month. A great night topped off with ICE CREAM CAKE!!! My favorite...I can't get enough ice cream right is almost like I am pregnant again...I crave it everyday...I use any excuse to eat ice cream...and ice cream cake is my favorite....chocolate...vanilla...those little crunchies...sigh.
Aidan loves ice cream too now...she just doesn't like how cold it is initially. I have to remember to bring a camera next time so I can get a picture of her ice cream face...all scrunched up from the coldness...she will appreciate it in the coming months when her teeth start to come in though I am sure! BTW...above is the cake we just ate...don't be jealous!