Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crying like a baby...

that would be me....not Aidan. I get so emotional everytime she reaches a new milestone...this is crazy, I mean, is that normal? She FINALLY slept in her crib in her room last night. It is not because she has had problems that it has taken so long, but more so that mommy can't let go. Typically, she would fall asleep with daddy and I watching TV downstairs and then one of us would bring her upstairs to the pack n play in our room. Yesterday, I was home with her since she had been running a temperature and I decided to try putting her down for naps in her room. She did awesome on those naps...but I felt so lonely downstairs in the house. So last night I had John lower the mattress so we could put the bumper in it...she likes to roll against the sides of the pack n play and would not understand that the crib isn't soft. I think she is big enough to move herself away from the bumper if she couldn't breath now..so when she fell asleep in my arms last night I carried her up to her room and put her in the crib. By the time I got downstairs to turn on the monitor I was crying. John was like "what is wrong??" and I told him I was upset that she was upstairs...it felt so lonely without her downstairs making little noises and being all cute. He took my hand to comfort me, and then told me I was crazy. I got up 2 or 3 times during the night and she was snug as a bug snoring away in her room...such a big girl now...sigh

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